Stress free travel planning and staying in Italy? We project and arrange tailor made travels in Italy: We operate in Piemonte, Rome Lazio and Umbria regions
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Experience Italy Travels on Lake Orta
Experience Italy Travels
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Experience Italy Travels on Italian Lakes

Tailor-Made Travels in Italy

The Real Italian Experience

I plan Tailor-Made Travels in Italy for guys who want to experience real and authentic of this amazing country.
As a travel designer, I’m going to offer the best itineraries to undiscovered Italian destinations. I can focus on authentic Italian experiences to let you discover true Italianity.

With our tailor-made travels in Italy, your Italian adventure won’t be just a holiday. It will be a journey to the heart of Italian customs, folklore, language and people. You will taste real Italian food and matching wines, get closer to Italian art, architecture, and literature. You will experience the natural beauty of this contradictory and amazing country.

My team and I operate primarily in Northern Italy, Tuscany and Rome – with collaborations in many other areas of the country. We can plan small group excursions with personalized agendas and stress-free travel planning.

I Can have the universe if I have Italy
– Giuseppe Verdi

Tailor-Made Travels in Italy

Our packages

Among all the great experiences you can have in Italy I selected for you my favorite ones.
They are my favorite ideas to plunge in real tailor-made travels in Italy. You will find great options to taste precious wines and grappas, sail on vintage boats, smoke great cigars, ride bikes, Vespas or horses in the countryside, see craftsmen at work, and much more. My team and I selected some packages for you but remember everything can be tailored to your needs.


Molto Piacere!

We are Valentina, Ernesto and Stefania, all born and raised in Italy. In the travel and event planning industries since 2007, we are the founders and general managers of Experience Italy Travels and Experience Italy Weddings – a premium partner of the Italian Wedding Company group.

Our team includes travel experts and planners, fluent in Italian, English, French and Spanish, and we partner with some of the country’s best tour operators to guide you through undiscovered Italy. Together, we are excited to bring to you once in a lifetime experiences, the tastes and the flavors of life in Italy.

To put names to faces, meet us here…


This is our fun section!
If you would like to know more about “Italianity” have a look at the following columns

In this section, you will find some Italian trivia, curiosities, and spots to see far from massive tourism. You can find also a little Made in Italy, and Italian style. Without forgetting about Italian food and wines. Little pills of Italianity.
After reading these tips, your Tailor-made travel in Italy will be even more Italian style!
And if you have something to ask do not hesitate to contact me!